What is the weather like in Kosovo?
The capital of Kosovo, Prishtina lies on the 42 parallel, which Kosovo at about the same latitude as Pittsburgh or Chicago.  The average annual temperatures are:

Jan       Feb       Mar       Apr       May        Jun       July       Aug       Sept       Oct       Nov       Dec

36.3     42.8      53.1     59.9      68.4      75.0       79.7      80.4      74.1       63.0      49.1     39.2


What is the government like?

Kosovo is a representative democracy with a parliamentary system of Government.  Kosovo declared its independence in 2008.  Though functionally independent, not all nations of the world have accepted the unilateral independence declaration.  For this reason in part, the United Nations has not yet recognized Kosovo's independence.

What is the food like in Kosovo?

The food in Kosovo is uniformly good (though that's somewhat subjective).  Kosovo grows only about twenty percent of the food it consumes so stores are full of imports.  Fresh fruits and vegatables are abundant in the summer and fall.  The winter is somewhat more difficult as expensive imports are harder to obtain.  Meals in homes might include a main course of Pite or Fli (two very different varieties of filled fila-dough pie), bean soup or rice & chicken.  Fresh bread is usually abundant and local sweet and hot peppers are served in a variety of ways. Meals in a restaurant might include anything you find at home: steaks, pizza, pasta, etc.