Thank you for your interest in supporting us financially.  There are a number of ways you can do this.


To what do I give?

  1. To the Great Commission Fund.  The GCF fund is the most important fund to which you can give.  The GCF supports all of the CMA missionaries and keeps us all on the field, providing rent, a living allowance and very basic ministry funds.  To learn more about the Great Commission Fund click here.
  2. To our Work Special Account.  This fund helps us do the much of the real work of ministry. It covers  expenses like: benevolent ministry ( food, firewood, medicine, etc), equipment (computers, phones, projectors) and other expenses like training, continuing education, books and so forth.
  3. To our Outfit Fund.  Our outfit fund helps us buy mission-approved things like sheets, towels, clothes and furniture.
  4. To the Approved Specials of our field and team.  Here are the top priorities:
    1. Gjilan Center Property  - This fund will help us purchase property for a church building in Gjilan
    2. BUM Church Building - This fund is helping to build a church building on property in Pristhina which God has already provided.
    3. Gjilan Center Ministry - This fund helps with the ongoing expenses of our ministry Center in Gjilan.
    4. Kosovo Church Planting - This fund helps us with general church planting expenses the might not be covered elsewhere.  Things like Bibles, hymnals, music, supplies for church, etc, are purchased from this fund.
How do I give?

If you've decided how you want to join in the work financially, there are three ways to give:

  1. By telephone:  Call (866) 443-8262 and say you would like to contribute to one of these funds.
  2. By mail:  You can write out a check payable to "The Christian & Missionary Alliance"  On the memo line write note your gift's designation by writing Great Commission Fund, Singfiel-Work Special or Approved special with title above.  The mailing address is: The Christian and Missionary Alliance, P.O. Box 35000, Colorado Springs, CO 80935-3500
  3. On line over the internet:  You can make online gifts through the CMA's secure website.  You can also donate by clicking on the appropriate button below.  The below transactions will also take place through the CMA secure website.

Great Commission Fund

Work Specials

Gjilan Center Ministry

Gjilan Church Property

Prishtina Church Building

Church Planting