They're like a "man without a house!"  That's how to describe someone who isn't trustworthy.  Property ownership is incredibly important in the Balkans.  It is handed down from father to son through the generations.  If someone doesn't own property in a community they do not belong to the community.  If you do not own property you may be here today, but you may be gone tomorrow.

Most evangelical churches in Kosovo, including our partner the Messiah Evangelical Fellowship (BUM), have to rent property.  In the eyes of many, they are a "man without a house."  In a part of the world were many Orthodox churches and Muslim mosques were built in the 14th century it is difficult to demonstrate that the evangelical church is here to stay.  

BUM has a vision to own their own building.  That vision comes from several threads.  First, they want to be self-supporting.  Taking rent of the church budget is an enormous step in that direction.  Second, they want to demonstrate the permanence of the evangelical church and its role in the community.  Third, it wants to be able to provide a place to worship for the 130-150 people that call BUM home.

In 2006 BUM purchased land in a growing neighborhood of the capital city.  In 2011 the had the official groundbreaking ceremony (pictured at the left.  We are still praying that god would provide the funds to begin to build.


Please pray with us and ask your church family to support this need if God so moves you. We'd love to hear from you if you are interested in talking about this.

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