Since 2004 we've rented the building at the right.  It has served us well and hundreds of people have been blessed through the ministries which happen here every day.  In 2007 the Kosovo team began to get serious about finding a long-term home for the Resurrection Church and Center.

Since then we've looked at properties, lots, unfinished buildings and felt no leading by the Lord to any of them.  Then in July of 2009 our landlord put the building up for sale, giving us the right of first refusal.  On December 29th, 2009 we signed a contract to purchase this building for 190,000 (roughly $280,000). That's an enormous amount of money in today's economy.  But we feel like this is a strategic location and a strategic time. 

Let me explain why in this short video.

Sept 27, 2009 Update - Building from Jeff Singfiel on Vimeo.

The Resurrection Center is located at the heart of the educational district of our city.  We are across the street from the University and with in walking distance of all of the city's high schools.  You can pan around the map below.

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You'll notice "Bashkesia Ungjillore Ringjallja" on the map.  The maroon colored squares are just some of the school.  Notice the mosques and the lack of churches.  Here's why this location is strategic:

  1. We're in the heart of the educational district.
  2. We're on the outside edge of the new "city center."  Everything is growing up around us.
  3. We're in a location were everyone knows us from our five year history of blessing the community.
  4. We're in a place where there is literally almost no more property to buy.
  5. We have the chance to be the first evangelical church in Kosovo to be zoned as a "church."  With the new zoning plan before the city, we may be able to set a legal precedent that will bless the rest of the churches in Kosovo as they struggle to purchase land as a "church."

Sound interesting?  Here's how you can help:
How do I pray?
  1. Pray that God would continue to guide and direct the Kosovo team for his glory.
  2. Pray that God would protect the Kosovo team from the attacks of the enemy.
  3. Pray that God would raise up the funds necessary for this building.
  4. Pray that God would go before us clearing away any legal and zoning challenges that might be hidden before.
  5. Pray that the church would grow in knowledge, depth of insight and love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

How do I give?

If you've decided how you want to join in the work financially, there are three ways to give:

  1. By telephone:  Call (866) 443-8262 and say you would like to contribute to one of these funds.
  2. By mail:  You can write out a check payable to "The Christian & Missionary Alliance"  On the memo line write note your gift's designation by writing Great Commission Fund, Singfiel-Work Special or Approved special with title above.  The mailing address is: The Christian and Missionary Alliance, P.O. Box 35000, Colorado Springs, CO 80935-3500
  3. On line over the internet:  You can make online gifts through the CMA's secure website and donate here.

We're going to be updating this page as plans progress.