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Kosovo dating
by Smiles on

Iím often perplexed by the amount of women who havenít walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Not only is the bridge a historical, and beautiful architectural monument, the view while walking is divine. I shamelessly use it as a dating carrot. Usually the conversation proceeds with talking about favorite places in NYC to visit, and I always bring up the bridge. Usually, the girl then responds by stating that sheís never walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, and I usually respond with ďdo you want to?Ē The suggestion is usually, not rejected.

Be careful, walking across a bridge is too much for a first date, but a great third date option!

There are many reasons the bridge is a great third date option. If there isnít construction, or too much of a crowd, itís a great romantic walk. This usually means, enjoy the sights of the bridge before or after rush hour, and avoid the weekends at all cost. Thereís great views of Brooklyn and Manhattan that are appreciated from any angle, they are only more magnificent during sunset. Both the Brooklyn and Manhattan side of the bridge are close to popular venues and great restaurants (though I believe the Brooklyn side is better than the Manhattan side). On the Brooklyn side, DUMBO has great restaurants and bars, and during the spring and summer, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is a great, old-fashioned, ice cream parlor to visit. On the Manhattan side, youíre left right in front of City hall, which is surrounded by great bites in the Financial District, which isnít too far of a walk away.

If you turn the date into a walking trip, you can extend the trip by heading to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 or the Empire Ė Fulton Ferry State Park, which both sit on the both sit on the Brooklyn side of the East River, with amazing views of lower Manhattan.

Of the three bridges in New York, the Brooklyn Bridge is the best sightseeing, third date option, with a little planning, it could be a very memorable experience.


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Instagram viewer
by imgrum on 

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test 1
by Jeff singfiel on 

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